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Here's the full text of the review in London Cycling:

Rydal rucksack review

 "Why didn't anyone else think of that?" Our first thought on seeing the retro toe-strap o the Rydal's main compartment; it's functional, witty and a nod to the company's cycling heritage.

Another neat touch are the shoulder straps made from car seatbelt webbing. They've not scrimped on the heavy-duty waterproof cotton duck fabric or substantial leather base either, as it withstood 30 minutes under the shower as an initial test.

The tartan-lined interior is closed with a drawcord and we found it could swallow 2 large box files.

Externally, there's two pockets, a minimally padded back panel, carry handle and LED light loop. Surprisingly we didn't miss a chest-strap because the pack sat firmly, albeit a little higher on the back than usual.

Overall, it's hats off to Carradice for making a pack which shares the quality of its saddlebags.

Thanks London Cycling! You can get full details of the Rydal Rucksack here

Rydal rucksack review

London Cycling Magazine has reviewed our new Rydal Rucksack.


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