Nelson Longflap - Black

£ 90.00

The Nelson Longflap Saddlebag is one of our most popular bags. Its larger size MIB Vertical logo stacked Bottom North West 80and adjustable capacity make it ideal for longer rides including overnight stays. It is even great for commuting when you need to carry extra gear.  The Saddlebag comes with 3 leather straps to attach it to the seat post and bag loops on the saddle.  For other options on fixing the saddlebag to your bike see the Saddlebag Fixing Systems section.  To carry the saddlebag off the bike, a Shoulder Strap is available in Accessories

Weight: 933 grams

Capacity: 15 litres extending to 18 litres

Dimensions: 36cm (44cm including pockets) wide x 22cm high x 19cm deep


Made from 100% waterproof waxed cotton duck
Handmade in the UK using high quality materials
2 handy external pockets for organising kit
2 colours available
Attachments for shoulder strap (sold separately)
Extendable lid for covering larger loads
3M Reflectors
Leather patches on corners for protection

Also available in Green

Lid lining and reflector colour/design may vary

Colour Options

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£ 34.00

The saddlebag attaches to the bag loops of the saddle with 2 of the leather straps supplied with the saddlebag.  It is secured to the Bagman Support with a webbing strap supplied with the Support.

Weight: 387 grams

Dimensions: 18cm wide x 20cm high x 17.5cm deep

Steel saddlebag support

Holds saddlebag vertical and reduces swing

Maximum load - 10 kg

Clearance required from saddle rails to just above rear wheel - 21cm approx

Suitable for the following: Cadet, Nelson, Nelson Longflap, Camper Longflap and Super C saddlebags

£ 50.00

Weight: 489 grams

Original Steel Bagman Quick Release Expedition
Attaches to most saddles (not compatible with sprung saddles)
Attaches saddlebag to saddle and supports bag from below
Comes complete with BAGMAN ADAPTER
Holds bag vertically and reduces swing
Suitable for Cadet, Nelson, Nelson Longflap, Camper Longflap and Super C saddlebags

Maximum load - 10kg

Clearance required from saddle rails to just above rear wheel - 21 cm approx