WOW - FIRST CUSTOMER REVIEW All the way from Australia

Since we launched the bikepacking bags, we've been amazed at your response. Suzanne very kindly took the time to send us a wonderful review of the Bikepacking Seatpack - thank you!

Just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed using your seat bag over a recent 9-day, 1200km ride from Melbourne-Sydney.

Not only was it super easy to remove and affix everyday, as our route significantly changed due to bushfires, we ended up on corrugated gravel for 1/4 of our ride, meaning millions of unplanned vibrations per day. 

Whereas these were the downfall of my companion’s cheapie bag (resulting in a hole from friction), as well as bag wag and several minutes of daily faffing to get his bag to sit “just right”, the Carradice bag held firm no matter how big the ruts, potholes and rocks became.

Also, the two domes/poppers and orange inner bag with clip are great extra features that made it so much more convenient and easy to use ?.

I don’t have a great pic of it in anger but you can see part of it here (a mere 3-4 hours of corrugated gravel on this day ?).

Carradice Bikepacking review

Thank you Suzanne - it looks like you had a challenging ride!

 Bikepacking lg

Here at Carradice we never rush to follow the latest trend. We knew bikepacking was a great idea - but we saw so many competitors' products failing to live up to the hype, we decided to road-test and refine our prototypes until we were sure our bags would stand the test of time.

Our bags are now in production and we feel they are worthy of carrying the Carradice badge.


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Their verdict:  A good looking, high quality messenger bag that is likely to last for years 

Steve Dyster at Seven Day Cyclist has reviewed the Kelbrook Satchel:

 Blog IMGP0399

The Carradice Kelbrook Satchel is, in many ways, a traditional take on the messenger bag. However, it is larger than many, eschews, for better or worse, some of the regular features, embraces others, and sometimes goers its own way in the best Carradice tradition. The result is large, robust, traditionally stylish, and a little bit quirky. On the whole I have been charmed, with one or two grouses. As Carradice say, it will go from bike to boardroom, old school.

Verdict 4.25/5 - As bomb-proof as you’ll get and should be an heirloom, with a bit of care.

Here is his full review 

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We think they like it!